Team Smile Pledge

We as a team pledge to do our very best to treat you like we would our own family. We will listen to your needs and make corrections in areas we can improve. We are open to comments, complaints, and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to let us know of ways we can help.

Dr. Hyun Bang and Team


dr faith vic.jpg

The Endo-Prosthodontic Department

Faith Victoriano, DDS

Dr. Faith has been a part of the dental community for nearly 20 years. Missionary Partners with Dr. Hyun Bang, Dr. Faith is involved in various humanitarian efforts, including dental care to the underserved and organizations which help build and support orphanages in foreign nations. Dr. Faith has extensive experience with prosthodontic and endodontic work. She reflects the mission of our practice for excellent care in every way and you will love being under her care.

- Associate Dentist



The Hygiene-Restorative Department

Madeline Pasimio, DDS

Dr. Pasimio has a delightful personality. Her considerate and caring demeanor exudes from within. She is diligent to learn about you and your health in order to advise you in the appropriate direction. Dr. Pasimio focuses on perio-restorative dentistry. She is meticulous in preparing you for the next steps.

- Associate Dentist


Our Lovely Staff


Linnea Slocum, DA, AS

Linnea has been a Dental Assistant for several years. During these years, she realized her passion for Dentistry and aspires for higher education to become a Dental Hygienist.  Linnea's warm and compassionate personality will make your day when you walk in our front door.

— Schedule Coordinator & Dental Assistant

Christy Y. Lam, RDA

Christy is observant and her skills are intuitive. She will always be your strong support for your treatment needs. She is trained in many aspects of Dentistry even certain specialty areas due to her work and experience with Dr. Hyun Bang.

— Registered Dental Assistant

Kim Brown, RDA, BS

Kim has been an instructor of Dental Assisting for over 20 years. With her stable and strong clinical background, she is able to take care of you with confidence. Her wonderful sense of humor will also put you at ease.

— Registered Dental Assistant


Elizabeth and Enjolina

Our two main billing specialists, Elizabeth and Enjolina are experts in this complex field of insurances and billing. You may be presently surprised at how warm and compassionate they are while coordinating financial operations in conversation with you. These specialists are both responsive to your inquiries and knowledgeable in their replies. 

— Billing Accounting Specilaists

Ashley Farrar, BA, MA

Ashley used to work as a Dental Coordinator for several years and realized her passion for Dentistry. She achieved her Masters in Microbiology thereafter and has currently joined our team to experience the many aspects of Dentistry from the basic to the advanced in the highest quality fashion it can be offered. She loves Dentistry and truly enjoys conversations with our patients.

— Intern



San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Hyun Bang is a professional dedicated to Excellence in multiple facets from General Care, Dental Implants, Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, TMJ Splint Therapy, and Dental Sleep Medicine. A certified Laser and Invisalign provider, Dr. Hyun Bang can help you with Comprehensive Dental Care.