Team Smile Pledge

We as a team pledge to do our very best to treat you like we would our own family. We will listen to your needs and make corrections in areas we can improve. We are open to comments, complaints, and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to let us know of ways we can help.

Dr. Hyun Bang and Team


dr faith vic.jpg

The Restorative Department

Faith Victoriano, DDS

Dr. Faith has been practicing with a focus in Restorative Dentistry for nearly 20 years. She is a missionary and is involved in various humanitarian efforts, including dental care to the underserved and organizations which help build and support orphanages in foreign nations. She is involved in these charitable events together with Dr. Hyun Bang which is why they make such a great team. Dr. Faith loves her work and her patients and takes compassionate care of each individual. She reflects the mission of our practice for excellent care in every way and you will love being under her care.

- Associate Dentist



Our Lovely Staff

Jennifer Hsu

Jennifer earned her business degree through University of California Merced in 2017. She has integrity and skills and a heart that cares for people. Her prior experience as a humanitarian activist is a quality taken highly in our team.

— Care Coordinator

Jackie Wong

Jackie is a recent 2018 UC Davis grad and earned her degree in business there. Jackie will work closely with our Care Coordinator to help figure organize your upcoming treatments and scheduling.

— Schedule Coordinator

Christy Y. Lam, RDA

Christy is observant and her skills are intuitive. She will always be your strong support for your treatment needs. She is trained in many aspects of Dentistry even certain specialty areas due to her work and experience with Dr. Hyun Bang.

— Registered Dental Assistant

James Rahr

James also studied business from the University of Minnesota 2016. As a current executive assistant for a large corporation, James enjoys connecting with our patients and providing care as a member of our team in between his current responsibilities.

— Care Coordinator



The Billing Department

Carmen, Lannie, Enjolie.

“We are experts in our field of insurances and billing. We bring knowledge and leadership to Dr. Bang's Team to help you better understand your Dental Insurance and financials.”

— Lead Billing Specialist and Supervisors



San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Hyun Bang is a professional dedicated to Excellence in multiple facets from General Care, Dental Implants, Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, TMJ Splint Therapy, and Dental Sleep Medicine. A certified Laser and Invisalign provider, Dr. Hyun Bang can help you with Comprehensive Dental Care.