Laser Dentistry: Little to No Pain and Lots of Gain

There are people who associate the dentist with pain, which is why they hesitate to get treatment. This can be very dangerous and result in more serious issues. Laser dentistry is an amazing breakthrough that offers treatment with little to no pain. 

At the office of Hyun S. Bang, DDS in San Francisco, we fully believe in the latest innovations in dentistry. That's why we're always looking for ways to give our patients the most thorough and gentle care. 

Our team uses the EPIC™ X diode laser for its three innovative features: pain relief, whitening, and surgery. We find laser dentistry provides many benefits, thanks to its groundbreaking technology. 

What exactly is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is precise. It reduces the risk of error and allows us to target the damaged tissue without touching healthy tissue. It also promotes gum healing, while reducing potential issues of gum bleeding. In addition to treatments for the soft tissue, the laser works wonders on the hard tissue (the teeth) for cosmetic procedures. These benefits alone make the technology worth using.

What can laser dentistry do?

While there will be times when a drill and anesthesia are still needed, laser dentistry can make many procedures go faster and keep you calmer. Unfortunately, it can’t be used on teeth that already have fillings. But for the following, the breakthroughs are impressive:

Detecting cavities

Lasers allow us to easily see evidence of tooth decay, so we can detect cavities earlier and treat them before they get worse.

Preparing teeth for fillings

Because lasers kill the bacteria on teeth, those teeth will be cleaner and more sterilized before a filling goes in. This way we know we’re not covering up any bacteria. 

Treating sensitivity

When your dentin loses enamel, your teeth may be much more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The laser can circumvent this by sealing the tubules on the roots of your teeth and reduce or eliminate the sensitivity.

Whitening teeth

The laser activates the peroxide solution placed on your teeth, so the teeth whitening process is faster and more effective.

Gum issues

If you have gum disease, like periodontitis, the laser reshapes the gums and kills bacteria. The laser can also more easily cut small areas for a biopsy and remove any tumors that might exist. 

Laser dentistry can also treat TMJ, sleep apnea, and cold sores. It can also aid in the proper fitting of dental implants by dealing with gum folds and other gum issues. 

With laser dentistry, you get lots of gain with little to no pain. Sounds like a win-win! Go ahead and visit our website to schedule an appointment today. 

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