Things in Your Body Which Love Acidity

First, let's go over things that can cause acidity in your body. I listed some common things which all of us know whether we are health practitioners or not. 

Saturated/Trans fats:
red meat, overcooked vegetable oils, dairy products

table sugar, other unhealthy "white" carbs like white bread, white rice, white pasta, we all know sweets are not good for teeth!

fully pasteurized juices, sodas, high dose of caffeine, Gatorade type drinks, alcohol

Lack of Oxygen:
improper breathing, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air

Lack of Water Consumption: 
water helps with balance, promotes circulation, and just washing/dumping out impurities from within, promotes healthy amount of salivary flow 

Lack of Sunlight
the body needs its vitamin D - D for Depression ;), sunlight is also bactericidal

Unnecessary Stress:
an unhealthy amount of stress inhibits proper bodily functions

Lack of Rest
the body cannot regenerate or repair damaged cells without proper rest/sleep 

Lack of Application
so you have all this knowledge, will you do something about it? :)
Now, we can talk about things which love and flourish in this acidic environment that you've created in your body and oral cavity.

Harmful Bacteria

Tumor/Cancer Cells
I would say that the above two things are enough reasons to strive for a healthy life style which include healthy eating habits, proper exercise, fresh air, adequate amount of water intake, rest, temperance, and good oral hygiene. 

Let's always remember, your mouth is a part of your body! Having a healthy lifestyle will also promote a healthy mouth; a healthy mouth can contribute to a healthy rest of the body. It's become more common knowledge that oral diseases are contributing to systemic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Alzheimers, Low birth weight babies, etc. A Neutral-Alkaline pH-environment is highly encouraged! 

Dr. Hyun S. Bang, D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery Loma Linda University 2008

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