Whitening for Worn Down Teeth

I personally have sensitive spots due to tooth wear on my back teeth. These are spots where the outer protective layer, enamel, has been worn down. The take-home whitening system with the trays cover the entire tooth inside out and really caused a lot of sensitivity almost pain to those spots when I tried them. 

For those who have the same problem as I do, I would recommend the In-Office Whitening, both Laser/Gel or Gel, where the gel placed on teeth can be isolated to a specific area to avoid the sensitive spots. The drastic results are seen more from In-Office treatment as well since you're doing almost 10 days worth of at-home whitening in one visit.

You will need to consult with your Dentist on whether your teeth have sensitive spots, or exposed dentin, that can cause this problem which I had. 

Dr. Hyun S. Bang, D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery Loma Linda University 2008

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