Why Technology Matters in Your Dental Health

Technology is everywhere, from your television to your smartphone. Some of the most important advances are taking place right under your nose at our dental office. Dr. Hyun S. Bang and fellow dentists Dr. Sonali Chhabra and Dr. Faith Victoriano use the latest technologies at our San Francisco, California, offices to make your dental experience more productive and less painful. From 3D digital scans to precise laser dentistry using the EPIC X™ diode laser, Dr. Bang and her associates specialize in high-tech dental treatments for the 21st century.

Why technology is so important in dentistry today

Dr. Bang and her team stay at the forefront of dental technology through ongoing education, so you receive the most precise, cutting-edge treatments. We’ve incorporated technology into our offices via: 

We use state-of-the-art products and equipment, including: 

Less pain and more precision bring peace of mind

Dr. Bang, a certified laser surgeon specializing in advanced oral and periodontal care, uses her advanced knowledge of laser technology to make your visits as pain-free as possible. Using our award-winning EPIC X diode laser, for instance, she reduces infection, swelling, and pain during an array of dental procedures. 

Technology detects oral cancer and more

Dr. Bang uses lasers for both diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of dental issues. Soft tissue lasers aid in gum surgery. We can even stimulate bone growth using stem cells and screen for oral cancer with a VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System, a hand-held scope that recognizes abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed during regular dental exams. 

We also employ a pinhole surgical technique to replace traditional grafting during gum surgery. Dr. Bang creates a small pinhole instead of cutting a larger area. This results in far less pain and more stable teeth.

Something to smile about

The future of dental technology appears equally promising. We look forward to hard-tissue lasers replacing high-speed drills. A research team at Harvard and the University of Nottingham is even working on a synthetic biomaterial that enables cavities to heal themselves.

Experience our minimally invasive, high-tech approach

Dr. Bang and our associates use a conservative, minimally invasive approach to provide long-lasting results. To experience our newest technologies and gentle touch first-hand, call one of our two San Francisco locations or book your appointment online.

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