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Bio-MAGO TMJ Device & Patient Testimonials

The Bioesthetic Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthosis is an advanced device which allows the jaw muscles to deprogram, relax, and therefore reduces the harmful impact on your teeth, jaw, and joints. As a result, many patients have experienced the following

-       Limited mouth opening resolved

-       Shoulder stiffness resolved

-       Migraines resolved

-       Frequency of grinding reduced

-       Joint stiffness smoothed

-       Jaw deviation – going sideways – resolved

-       Jaw pain resolved

-       Posture improved

-       Snoring reduced

-       Better sleep quality


Due to its passive nature, patients who have received device therapy with the TMJ specialist have claimed the Bio-MAGO device with Dr. Hyun Bang had been far more comfortable to wear and healing to the jaw and teeth.


Below are some real patient testimonials. We are grateful they took their time to say something nice! 

9/6/2018   Updated review

Dr. Bang and her staff are very friendly and professional.  They truly care about me as a patient, and my dental care and well-being.  Dr. Bang is very meticulous and thorough, a perfectionist, and that is super important to me as I am the same way in my profession.  I've been having some major dental work done recently and each visit has been so pleasant.  I've yet to experience any pain afterwards and that's always an excellent sign!  And my custom night guard has helped me by leaps and bounds, minimizing my headaches and migraines which I have experienced for many years.


4/5/2017  Previous review

I'm not a person who likes change, so when the practice changed hands, I was a bit hesitant, but thought I'd at least give Dr. Bang a chance.  I'm glad I did.  I've had teeth cleanings, deep gum cleaning, crown replacements, and recently a new custom night guard to alleviate my Bruxism (grinding of teeth) and Temporomandibular Dysfunction (clicking of jaw joints when I chew).  I already had an expensive night guard from a few years ago, but because it was uncomfortable, I barely wore it.  

Dr. Bang carefully fitted me with a new occlusal guard.  When I went in to pick it up, she spent what seemed like hours perfecting the guard so that it would fit properly with my bite.  This demonstrates that she cares for her patients and takes the time to get things done right.  I've been wearing it for about 6 weeks now and it doesn't bother me at all when I sleep.  I've already shown improvement as my jaws are not as sore in the mornings and the joints don't click as prominently as they used to.  I will now have to monitor my headache level, but I'm sure that condition will improve as well as time goes on.  

Thank you, Dr. Bang!



I went to Dr. Bang after having unsatisfactory work done by another dentist. Her professionalism and expertise not only resolved the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing, but also solved other underlying issues that had been overlooked by my previous dentist. Her advanced skills are complemented by her state of the art equipment which makes the experience safer and more pleasant. I was so impressed by my experience that I referred my best friend to her office who was equally pleased with her services. A visit to Dr. Bang's office will not disappoint.



Dr. Bang recommended a custom night guard (I think she called it an "othonic"). It was considerably more expensive than the custom night guard I was using, but after her patient explanation, I understood how it might be worth the cost. I was surprised to find that it really reduced my neck & shoulder stiffness & pain (severe bike accident, over 30 years ago, where my quick-release front tire took off while I was wheeling over some fallen power lines, & I landed on my teeth/face & rolled over my neck), starting with the first night I wore it. My golf buddies were skeptical & scoffing...until they saw how much longer & straighter I was hitting the ball!



Previously, I was using a standard issue mouth guard since I grind my teeth at night. I was having jaw pain and headaches. Dr. Bang suggested a device called a MAGO. I'll be honest I was a little hesitant at first because I didn't want to purchase yet another device. She explained the benefits of the MAGO and I was still hesitant, but I acquiesced and went for it.
Wow! The best thing ever! My jaw doesn't hurt. MY headaches are gone.  I'm even breathing better at night and it's preventing my teeth from grinding together. Dr. Bang really listens to her patients and find the best way to treat
their problems. 


To Whom it May Concern:

I am happy to provide a very positive testimonial for Dr. Bang’s Bio-MAGO device and associated services. Due to orthodontic adjustments not meant to optimize for jaw position, I developed moderate TMJ symptoms. If you suffer, you know TMJ is hard to get treatment for as insurance companies and practitioners bounce you from one specialists to the other. I had visited my primary care physician, physical therapist, an ENT, my orthodontist, and 2 dentists before Dr. Bang led be to the solution. The answer was found at the intersection of the following two factors:

  1. A state of the art dental appliance called Bio-MAGO, and
  2. Dr. Bang’s painstaking attention to detail and willingness to perfectly fit the device to my anatomy.

I am convinced that one cannot find equivalent relief and comfort in any old generic dental appliance. I am certain that no dentist will spend the time needed to make it work perfectly for you. Not only did the device quickly cure my TMJ symptoms, I got the bonus benefit of having it protect my teeth from my aggressive biting and grinding. Never again did I have another cracked tooth while using Bio-MAGO.

With that, I highly recommend using Bio-MAGO and Dr. Bang’s associated services for your treatment of TMJ or mitigation of tooth damage from night biting & grinding.


Dear Dr. Bang:

In addition to the testimonial for your customers, I am also submitting to you this patient history and experience in hopes that it improves your clinical knowledge of patient responses to various dental appliances. Hopefully you can use it to advise people more on their level.

As a reminder to the history I already told you over the years, I constructed the following table to summarize my history and response to treatments.


Because my insurance did not adequately cover another Bio-MAGO after my first one broke, I replaced it with an appliance covered by insurance made by Dr. Abramson. For your reference, I have pictured the two devices below: 


The device on the top is Bio-MAGO. The device on the bottom is made by Dr. Abramson and is placed on the LOWER TEETH, in contrast to the Bio-MAGO. Bio Mechanical Comparison I will admit that I have not done any independent research on how these devices work. All my knowledge comes from you, Dr. Abramson, and my clinical experience with both devices.

With this in mind, both devices seem to me to work exactly the same way – preventing my jaw from slipping backward by filling space between the upper and lower molars and forming a blocking point to prevent sliding.

Comparison of My Experience My experience is positive for both devices in terms of preventing TMJ relapse. I have no TMJ symptoms if I wear either device the previous night.

The disadvantage with the Bio-MAGO is obvious (and according to you preventable in a future replacement). The front is so thin that my front teeth stick out of it and make seemingly risky tooth-tip contact with my lower front teeth. Furthermore, it is the thinness that led to the breakage with less than 18 months of use. 

I have experienced more minor problems with Dr. Abramson’s device than Bio-MAGO. Unfortunately Dr. Abramson says they are normal. But they do not exist with Bio-MAGO. 

First of all, Dr. Abramson suggests I use it day and night except when eating. Despite his orders, I only wear it during the night and it still prevents the TMJ relapse. 

Second, just after I remove it in the morning, I cannot close my jaw and touch my molars together for at least 30 minutes without forcing it. If I force it, it is painful, and “crunches”. Once it locked up but usually it doesn’t. Therefore I cannot eat right away. Dr. Abramson said that is because during the night the device hold my jaw in the correct location, not impinging the TMJ socket. He states that this correct location is not a position where my molars naturally touch and that is a result of a combination of my personal anatomy and fact that my orthodontist, like most, optimize tooth position for a nice compact bite with straight nice looking teeth, instead of taking into account the resting position of the jaw. Fair enough, but with BIO-MAGO, I can remove the device without this inability to close my molars together. What is the difference?

Third, the craftsmanship of the BIO-MAGO is better in that there is a nice smooth contact at each point in my line of teeth. Dr. Abramson’s devices has points of higher pressure on my right molars – a little uncomfortable especially for a tooth clincher / grinder. Dr. Abramson said it is completely equilibrated using the touch paper but he spent 1/10 the time on equilibration than you spent. Specifically, he just makes sure he cannot yank out the paper on one side vs the other. He does not spend time to do a stationary gap analysis and correct for all the gaps. 

I wish my Bio-MAGO had not broken because it (and/or you) are a noticeably better experience.


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One of our patients was inspired to add a portion in his song about hit 'hole-in-one' golf shot! His golfing improved because of the Bio-MAGO device which treated his 30yo bike jaw injury, which ended up treating his shoulder problem!! This is sweet! Check out the song and like' it!!

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