Pinhole Surgical Technique

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If you have gingivitis, your teeth begin to look longer as your gums recede. This changes your appearance and leaves you vulnerable to further damage and decay. The team at Hyun S. Bang, DDS, in San Francisco uses the safe and innovative pinhole surgical technique to expand your gums and protect the exposed tooth roots. To learn more about the surgery and how it can benefit your oral health, call the clinic to schedule your appointment or use the online booking tool today.

Pinhole Surgical Technique Q & A

What is the pinhole surgical technique?

The pinhole surgical technique is an alternative gum-restoring procedure to traditional gum grafting.

When using the pinhole surgical technique to restore your gums, your dentist creates a tiny hole with a needle in your gums. Through the hole, your dentist uses specialized instruments to gently pull the gum tissue and loosen it until it expands.

Your dentist slides your gum over the exposed tooth roots, preserving your smile’s appearance and protecting your teeth.

Once your gums are fully covering your roots, your dentist puts your own regenerative stem cells from your blood onto the area to heal your gums and help them reattach to your teeth.

Why do I need the pinhole surgical technique?

Your dentist may recommend the pinhole surgical technique if your gums are detached and receding due to gingivitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that’s usually treatable with a thorough cleaning from your dentist and proper home care.

Gum recession changes the appearance of your smile by elongating your teeth, but it can also have consequences for your health.

If left untreated, receding gums can leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to further damage and can eventually cause you to lose your teeth.

What are the benefits of the pinhole surgical technique?

Compared to traditional gum grafting, the pinhole surgical technique is advantageous because it:

  • Is minimally invasive
  • Has fewer risks
  • Doesn’t require sutures
  • Can be done on multiple teeth in one sitting
  • Has little or no pain following the procedure
  • Requires little recovery time
  • Gives you immediate, natural-looking results

Your dentist can help you navigate the many benefits of choosing the pinhole surgical technique over traditional gum grafting surgery and settle your fears if you have them. Overall, patients agree that the pinhole surgical technique was a better experience with comparable results.

Are the results of the pinhole surgical technique permanent?

If you continue to maintain your oral hygiene and avoid gingivitis, your pinhole surgery results are long-lasting.

Your dentist at Hyun S. Bang, DDS, gives you tips for aftercare to maximize the life of your new and improved gumline and helps you avoid the gum disease that caused the recession in the first place.

Your receding gums are more than just a cosmetic issue: They put your teeth at risk for damage. To learn more about the pinhole surgical technique and find out if you’re a candidate, call Hyun S. Bang, DDS, or book your appointment online today.